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We Buy Broken Washing Machines in doha

We buy broken washing machines in Doha

We buy broken washing machines in Doha

We buy broken washing machines in Doha. We buy broken machines, if you have broken washing machines and air conditioners then you can sell them to us. We will buy your broken washing machine and air conditioner. If you want to fix them without selling them, you can do that too.

 In our business we come across a wide spectrum of Appliances & Whiteware. Some of these Brands are not fully supported or can be uneconomical to overhaul.

Our expertise crosses over into many brands & therefore we are able to offer trade-ins on many different appliances. These appliances we check over & test, apply what minor repairs are necessary, then once electrically safe & passed further testing, we fit with an ‘Electrical Safety Certificate’. We may sell them in-store or online with a limited warranty at a Bargain price for customers wanting to have a more economical option! 

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The process is simple:

If you have Call to let us know what type of Appliance Whiteware you have available.

We’ll send an Authorized buyer to your home or business & assess your Whiteware for a trade in, to buy, or take away… it’s that simple!

We aim to offer fair prices to our clients & assessment may be required to be carried out in our workshop, especially when an appliance is faulty. This we will advise on inspection.

As the demand for sustainable living practices continues to grow, more Doha consumers are turning to recycling as a means of reducing waste, and the washing machine industry is no exception.

Are you wanting to get some extra cash for your old working or broken washing machine, tumble dryer or electric cooker, Look no further our company buys appliances depending on condition, dont just throw it away contact us and we will put some money in your pocket!

Do you have an old or broken washing machine, tumble dryer, electric cooker? Why not let us pay you some cash for this, rather than throwing it away and getting nothing.

We will come to you and give you a fair price for the machine if its what we want to recycle and reuse, there is also value in the parts if we dont think its worth reworking.

Far too many old appliances that can be repaired and reused are being thrown away and end up in landfill, our aim is to prevent this as much as we can we buy broken washing machines in Doha.

All the appliances we repair are then offered to poorer families who may not be able to afford a new appliance, or the parts are recycled and reused responsibly.

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