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washing machine repair in qatar

Washing Machine Repair in Qatar

Washing Machine Repair in qatar

We know that even the smallest issue with a home appliance like a washing machine repair in Qatar can cause major issues in your home life. An appliance such as a washing machine deserves care and attention. Don’t wait too long, contact Doha Washing right now.


Doha Washing provides a wide range of quality services for your residential, corporate, and commercial needs

Top Load Washing Machine Repair

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Front Load Washing Machine Repair

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Manual Washing Machine Repair

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Semi Auto Washing Machine Repair

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Top Load Washing Machine Service

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Front Load Washing Machine Service

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Front Load Diagnose Issue

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More About Washing Machine Repair

Professional Washing Machine Installation & Washing Machine Repair Services:

The washing machine is one of the wonders of technology that makes our lives easier and less stressful, but we often leave our laundry to the point of ruining it.

There are three types of washing machines: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Common washing machine problems range from leaking water to improper draining and spinning. Don’t overlook the signs that something is wrong with your washing machine. You can always count on Doha Washing to solve and diagnose a wide variety of washing machine problems.

Technicians from our in-house washing machine service team provide repair and service for all brands of washing machines. Whether it’s a front-loading, top-loading, automatic or portable washing machine.

Doha Washing will get the washing machine up and running in no time. Our trained in-house washing machine repair technicians can provide washing machine repair services in just a few clicks.

No matter how big your problem is:

  •  If it is you’re washing that is not stirring.
  • The drum that does not drain
  • Too much foam in the washing machine
  • Jammed door or noise in the washing machine.

Common Problems of Washing Machine:

Numerous problems may arise in a Washing Machine, including missing parts losing when running. The problem while spinning, inability to drain waters are some common problems that get unlooked. 

Washing Machine Is Not Mixing

The Washing Machine is not mixing. It is due to a faulty lid switch, a broken belt, or a problem with the motor.

The Machine Doesn’t Start:

Damaged wires and sockets could be the reason for this problem. If that is the case, you will have to replace the damaged wires. If the wires are working properly, then the problem is with your washing machine motor.

Noisy Washing Machine:

Small items like coins can get into the wash, or your washing machine has been regularly overloaded. This can cause serious damage.

Washing Machine Drum Doesn’t Drain:

A blockage in the washing machine or wastewater pipe could be an issue if the drum of your washing machine is not draining. If the drum of your machine doesn’t drain, this could also be due to an electric fault or faulty pump.

Washing Machine Door Is Jammed:

If the door of your washing machine is jammed, you will need to replace a door or damaged door parts. Do not try to open it with a jerk. Contact Doha Washing right away washing machine repair in Qatar

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