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ac repair service near you

ac repair service

ac repair service

At you can hire expert AC repair service near you. Our professional Service Providers will give you the best AC repair service. From general inspection, to changing AC parts you can avail every AC related service within a few moments.

About Dohawashing AC Repairing Service

Dohawashing is the largest marketplace in Doha Qatar where we serve you with every possible service. AC Repairing service is one of our services to repair all types of AC related problems. We deliver expert and AC repair services with integrity from our professional service providers.

DOHA WASHING, home appliances like AC Repairing service have become an essential part of the day-to-day advancing lifestyle of people. Doha Washing, the expert service providers are experienced in all kinds of AC Repairing service  in Doha. By opting for  AC Repairing service one can be peaceful and free of all hassles.

Overview of AC Repair Service

What’s Included?

  • Only service charge
  • 7 Days service warranty

What’s Excluded?

  • Price of materials or parts
  • Transportation cost for carrying new materials/parts
  • Warranty given by manufacturer

Available Services

  • AC Basic Servicing
  • AC Master Service
  • AC Water Drop Solution
  • AC Jet Wash

Available Services

  • AC Checkup
  • AC Basic Servicing
  • AC Gas Charge
  • AC Master Service
  • AC Water Drop Solution
  • AC Installation  
  • AC Shifting Service
  • AC Compressor Fitting
  • AC Dismantling
  • AC Jet Wash
  • AC Service Repairing 
  • Special Corporate Ac Service  

AC Checkup Service: AC Checkup service offers only the diagnosis of your Air Conditioner by an expert technician who performs initial tests for problem identification. 

Basic AC Service: Basic AC Service provides primary diagnostics, filter cleaning, testing, and problem determination by an experienced AC technician.

AC Gas Charge: This service provides a performance check and gas refill. If there is a leak; in most cases the air conditioner can be repaired on the spot, but in some cases it may take longer. So you have to wait a day or two.

AC Master Service: AC Master Service provides in-depth cleaning of indoor and outdoor units, including simple troubleshooting (excluding materials and parts). Service fee varies according to AC volume, height, weight and difficulty.

AC Water Drop Solution: This service identifies the cause of water dripping from the AC and fuser drainage system. Additional materials/parts will be charged separately.

AC Moving Service: This service is designed to move AC units from one location or floor to a loader truck. This service is subject to service charges only. Service fee varies according to AC volume, height, weight and difficulty.

Gas Charged AC Compressor Adjustment: This service removes the old compressor and installs a new compressor. Compressor prices and warranties vary by manufacturer.

AC Jet Wash: AC Jet Wash uses a jet wash machine for deep cleaning of indoor and outdoor units. This also includes minor troubleshooting (excluding materials and parts). Service fee varies according to AC volume, height, weight and difficulty.

AC Disassembly: This service disassembles your air conditioning unit from your home or office and disconnects all electrical wiring from the AC unit.

AC Capacitor Replacement: This service replaces the AC capacitor with a new one. Capacitor prices and warranties vary by manufacturer.

AC Circuit Repair: This service repairs AC circuits. Switchbox prices and warranties vary by manufacturer.

Dedicated Corporate Accounting Service: This service provides a dedicated Key Account Manager for large scale corporate accounting solutions.

Why Us?

Hassle Free: Ordering AC Repair Service is easy. You can hire a professional contractor to move your air conditioner from place to place. A service provider will come to your home.

Budget Friendly: Get professional air conditioning repair services for the same or less budget than other local services in your area. Our Service Providers will provide expert AC technicians to inspect problems and fix them.

Well-trained Professionals: Our professional Service Providers have discreet and skilled AC repair technicians. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked in detail. Safety Assurance: Our service providers offer a safe AC repairing service for you. This means they will handle repairs with care.

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