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Refrigerator Service in Doha

Refrigerator Service

Refrigerator Service

Refrigerator Service in Doha, refrigerator is one of the household electronic devices that has become a part of our lives, such as a washing machine. From time to time, user errors may require repair due to the expiration of the parts found from time to time. Refrigerator repair is an important detail to be covered by warranty.

We offer refrigerator Repair and AC repair service in Doha, with low-cost budgets and quality service. We are experienced to repair all brands and all kind of AC, Fridge, Micro Oven repairing and fixing.  

Servicing helps to keep your fridge running for a long time as well as keeps it clean and fresh. Therefore, to help you out Shomadhan offers you instant Refrigerator Repairing service near you. Our experts are professional, experienced and tend to provide you first-rate services.

You can book any of our Refrigerator Services, including:

• Refrigerator General Servicing

• Low Cooling Problem

• Gas Refill and Top-up

• Compressor repair or replacement & more

[Note: The price will vary according to customer’s requirement.]


Our Specialty:

DohaWashing has more than 5 years of experience technician in the service market and is made up of a team of professionals who are in constant training to solve faults of refrigerators repair and AC repair of all brands and models in Doha Qatar.

Following are our servicing parts:

* GAS Recharge
* AC installation (Open and Fitting)
* Leakage Repair
* Compressor Change
* AC Servicing
* Circuit Level Problem and repairing
* Magnetic Contact Change

Coverage Area:

Current we provide Repair Service in Doha Qatar, You can also contact us if you form outside of those areas and we will help you to serve you.

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