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AC Repair Services

AC Repair Services

AC repair services

Are you having trouble with your home or office air conditioner?

Dohawashing provides quality professional AC repair services in Doha. We offer low prices and services that fit your budget. From basic AC maintenance to master AC maintenance for all types of AC (split, window, central, portable, etc.) any size or cassette/VRF air conditioner is Dohawashing’s authorized AC service provider for your AC maintenance needs . Book your service now

Our AC Repair Services

  • AC Basic Service
  • AC Master Service
  • VRF AC Service
  • AC Installation/Shifting Service
  • AC Cooling Solutions
  • AC repair services

Why choose us? 

dohawashing’s AC technicians are professional and experienced. dohawashing ensures that an AC technician uses the correct equipment to prevent damage to her AC unit and maintain a clean and hygienic indoor air environment. Proper safety and security is our concern for outdoor and high rise units.

Trustworthy – We ensure that every technician working with Poshora is trustworthy, dedicated and professional.

Fast and Rapid Response – We provide same day service and work quickly and accurately. Pocholla’s qualified air conditioning technicians use state-of-the-art equipment for air conditioning cleaning and maintenance. Save your time and take over the coordination and logistics on the day of service.

Fair Pricing – Ensure AC Technicians charge fair prices for their AC repair services. You only pay for what you need and there are no hidden fees or mandatory extra charges for the services you choose.

Locally Operated – Dohawashing network of AC technicians located throughout Dhaka. No matter where you are, a qualified AC technician is right there when you need it.

Cleanup – dohawashing allows air conditioning technicians to perform proper cleanup after air conditioning maintenance is complete.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We care about your peace of mind and trust in Dohawashing. A Dohawashing representative will be present on the service day and accompany the AC technician for quality assurance.

1.  Why do we need AC Servicing?

Regular AC servicing saves up to 25% on electricity bill and it increases the longevity of your Air Conditioner, and . Regular AC servicing today saves your money from future repairing expenses.

2. How frequently do we need AC Servicing?

Split Air Conditioners should be serviced every 3 months, to avoid problems with cooling, water leakage and other issues that decreases the efficiency of AC Unit. 

3. How long will AC Servicing take?

AC servicing will take 1 to 2 hours depending on type of AC, service needs, and its indoor or outdoor location.

4. Do you offer any Warranty or Guarantee after Servicing?

dohawashing offers seven days warranty on repair services only. We do not offer any warranty on Servicing, Gas Charging, Installation and Uninstallation Services. If you have taken any products/parts from the AC technician, please make sure you to ask for the products/parts bill and warranty proof from them. Dohawashing is not liable for purchase of any products/parts warranty.

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